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SPF™ - Sun Protected Fibre

SPF™ (Sun Protected Fibre) is a revolutionary carpet technology that helps protect your carpet against fading from sunlight and ozone to provide long lasting colour. So you can have the confidence to open up your home and let the sun shine in!

Stain and soil resistance
Manufactured with an innovative treatment to help protect against staining and soiling, SPF™ carpets stay cleaner for longer.

Ideal for demanding environments
Both durable and resilient, SPF™ carpet fibres easily ‘bounce back’ into shape, even in high traffic areas.

SPF™ carpets are luxuriously soft underfoot. You’ll love coming home to relax and unwind on the floor!

Endless colour
The innovative SPF™ carpet fibres easily accept dye during the manufacturing process for enhanced colour. With so many vibrant colours to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect colour for your floor.

SPF™ carpets are available in a wide range of styles. Whether it’s a soft plush, a thick twist, a textured loop or a lush frieze, there’s a style to suit any décor.

For all family budgets
With a great selection of colours and styles, there is a SPF™ carpet to suit all budgets.

*Terms & Conditions apply – see the manufacturer’s synthetic carpet maintenance and guarantees booklet

Brands manufactured with SPF™ technology

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